Register as a customer. Its mandatory before you can earn.

• Register with a sum of 5,000 naira or dollar equivalent to be a shop owner (vendor).

• Earn 1,000 naira when you refer another vendor.

• Setup your shop, add billings and pricing.

• Get your product listed on top trending as you sell and complete more orders.

• Get your product listed on all our social media channel advert as you increase your Vendors rank.

Post, deliver your product directly to the buyer, get confirmed and rated, your earning will be available for withdrawal.

• Register with a sum of 1000 naira.

• Earn 500 naira when you refer another publisher.

• Check your page for campaign/sponsored Ads for the day. Adverts will be posted daily by 11am.

• Copy the image and text given and post on your WhatsApp status. (Registered number only).

• When its like 23 hrs, take a screenshot of the post with the views and submit in your ticket submission page.

• It will be reviewed by an Admin and your point will be credited before 24hours. Points are converted to naira every Friday.

• Request for a withdrawal the moment your wallet amount for ads views hits a minimum of 2,000 naira (If you didn’t refer anyone) or use it to purchase any product on our mart.

• Register for free.

• select your preferred views and duration.

• proceed to payment and wait for ads confirmation.

• You can request for a confirmation of your advert views from any of the admins and it will be forwarded to you.

• Register as a customer.

• post your ad in few minutes and wait for verification.

• Sell and make sure your buyer leaves a review and rating… bad ratings will lead you your account being suspended.

Note: Referral commisions withdrawal is a minimum of 10,000 naira but you can use it to purchase anything on the mart even if its just 500 naira. Whatsapp Publishers ads commissions withdrawal is a minimum of 2000 naira or purchase any product on the mart.